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Abernaith's Cookie Sheet

Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 1 month ago

Abernaith's COOKIE SHEET



Hi! Welcome to Abernaith's Cookie Sheet!


Got a wiki/html problem? Need for the solution to be illustrated clearly? Get in touch with me, through email or even my guestbook. I'll try to help you as best I can, but please bear in mind that my forte is really just basic HTML, ok? Cheers!

Everyone, it's time for some Evasive Action!



Wiki Recipe Book


ncrooks: Hello, smart ones. How can I create a whole recipe section? Is there a simple route to making all the recipes on one page, rather than creating a new page for each one? To get the recipe template without starting a whole new page? Can you explain this in a simple way?

Abernaith presents...




Online Recipe Book Simple - Full Menu

Online Recipe Book Simple - Abridged Menu

Online Recipe Book Basic - TOC




So, hope this helps. Till the next time!


Abernaith, signing off...OHOHOHOHO!!!

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