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Endys duc Abernaith

(obviously a monicker)

Lives in a room, likes it there.

Likes: pizza, sunsets, to read (A LOT)

Loves: Johnny Depp (cheeky grin), Nature (forests, deserts, beaches, everything...except flies, hates flies), cats (big, small, cute, fluffy, dangerous)

Hates: Capitalism (Yeah, and I love World Peace. Meh.), pollution (all kinds, esp. second hand smoke), lice (who doesn't?)

Has: A Hair Fetish, a run-down very-much-loved lappie (his name's Yuki), a fat ass (haha)

Doesn't Have: a car (I'd much prefer a bicycle, or simply walking, thank you), a boyfriend (Oh, God. Writing it here just make me pathetic in word as in fact.), a fat, burgeoning wallet with lotsa credit cards (yep, Poor here--with a capital "P")

Three Simple Truths About Abernaith:

She's a girl/lady/woman. (Yes. Not about to reveal my age here. Ain't that silly?)

She isn't a Tree-Hugging Mother Earth Environmentalist Nature Lover (contrary to what you might believe after having read the previous statements)

She loves writing. She wants to be a writer. Please, oh please, just will somebody from National Geographic HIRE ME ALREADY!!!


You can find her poetry at allpoetry.com, her fanfics at fanfiction.net and skyehawke.com, and her (rarely updated) blog-hole at livejournal.com. She likes to think that she will have a fully-functioning account in amazon.com, but is still very much preoccupied with her latest fad (hopefully long-lived one) here at pbwiki.com. She's very fickle like that. But, well, who knows.


Muse, Cool Guy

(Abernaith's Imaginary Tormentor Friend)

Eduardo is my muse. He's kind of a sadist. He likes to pour ideas into my head. Not drop, but pour. He's into a lot of things, but I doubt that he is fickle. Makes it tougher for me to deal really, because I am fickle. Worse yet, he's fiery and passionate, just like me. It's kind of like having two bulls in a small china shop, where said china shop, most unfortunately, tends to be the meat inside my skull. He tends to kick me in the hypothalamus when he wants something to be especially remembered, even if it takes my poor brain loads of migraines effort to dredge up the memory. And oh, yeah, he's perverted, and doesn't give a flying *bleep* who is scandalized by his "obsessions".




bored people have come and gone through this page,

slipping away like light through the jalousies...


Have a confession? Did you like this site? Or do you hate it, and hate the guts of whoever came up with it?

So. Come and nag to your heart's content. Or, you could drop by my new guestbook c/o the beautiful people of Ur I.T. Mate Group.

People who give feedback are good, conscientious people.


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