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Abernaith's Five by Five


Abernaith's Juiciest Most Memorable Reads Ever






Five Fics My Fickle Brain Won't Forget

I. Neon Exodus Evangelion

by Benjamin D. Hutchins

NGE AU, x-over with X-Files, Tomb Raider and X-Com

    II. La Cancion de las Pistolas

    by auburn

    post-OUaTiM, slash El/Sands

      This is Mexico. There are always stories.

    III. Dysfunctional

    by jean d

    Weiss Kreuz AU, x-over with Kizuna

      This totally got me addicted to the sex-drugs-and-violence theme. It's a whirlwind of violence, with cool superpowers and the ability to make it big in the underworld of Japan. The fact that the main characters are all a bunch of hot hot pretty boys is almost just a side dish, compared to the fact that this fanfic novel has got superb action, a totally twisted plot, and beautiful, priceless characterizations.

    IV. Snitch!

    by Al

    HP AU, slash HP/DM and fucking everybody else!

      Al says she was inspired by the movie "Snatch!" (starring Brad Pitt) in writing this. But sure as hell, it's not as convoluted as Snatch's story line. In fact, it's about as clear as Crytal, and the ride is sweet as fucking hell, action-packed with plot twists and turns that'd put the Halloween Tree to shame. You'll be savouring its smoky flavours for long long hours, even if what you're reading's filthier than ash and gunpowder residue in your mouth. Haha. Warning: This is TOTALLY NOT for kiddies. Violent sex, drug abuse and general mayhem involving guns and cursing and breaking the law.

    V. Thirteen Ways

    by Sinope

    HP, slash RL/SS, spoilers up to Book 5

      I owe my love of "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird", by the great Wallace Stevens, to this fic.




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