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Note to self: Must make icons.

Quirky Links

When a bored person is doubly bored by my wiki, where does he go? Well, here are some enlightening suggestions that may, or may not, have you sneezing colorful ramen out of your nostrils. Gazundheit.


The Death Clock

Welcome to the Death Clock(TM), the Internet's friendly reminder that life is slipping away... second by second. Like the hourglass of the Net, the Death Clock will remind you just how short life is.


Believe it or not, this site *does not* make a mockery of death.1 Nope. It's actually a simple program tabulating your remaining years in the Living Realm with the aid of a few simple questions. (i.e. Do you smoke and/or drink? And, what's your body mass?) Apparently, useless body fat shortens our strings even worse than nicotine.


(1) Except celebrities. They're free-for-all, and actually promoted as a "coping mechanism", so you don't have to feel bad about your own imminent demise.


Homestar Runner Dot Com

Join Homestar Runner, Strong Bad, and a bunch of other malformed characters in their unconventional everyday lives. Created by the The Brothers Chaps, this flash cartoon site has a pinch of brilliance, a dash of dementedness, and a bucketload of snark.

(see more at Strong Bad and Co.)


Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

The Flying Spaghetti Monster, as revealed to us puny mortals by the pasta prophet Bobby Henderson (pasta be upon him).


It started as a humorous pun of a letter sent to the Kansas Board of Education. Eventually, it grew popular out of proportion, and now we have Pastafarianism and Pirates Against Global Warming. All to the good, in my opinion.

(see more at The Flying Spaghetti Monster)


213 Things Skippy Can't Do

This is a relatively new discovery. (Relatively, because I have a feeling I've stumbled upon it before.) Anyway, I didn't think much of this site at first because it was only a simple list. Make no mistake, it came highly recommended by the right sort of people in my books (i.e. snarky, with good taste). Mebbe I was just feeling a tad bit under-the-weather. But, most certainly, my mood changed for the better when I started reading just what Skippy can't do (in the army). By the 20th item, I was grinning ear-to-ear. You'd have to be positively inhuman not to crack up by the 100th. I'd have snorted my lungs out, or maybe even my stomach out... Well, let's just say that this gross anatomical exaggerations are produced by residual chemicals borne of the fact that I'm still laughing my head off 18 hours since being within close proximity of the list.





The most useless thing I've ever encountered in the Web. It's a Godsend to Lazy People. Especially on rainy Thursdays, when you're bored out of your skull. You'll never get this much fun reading just a plain, old encyclopedia; that's for sure. (God, but that just turned out...geeky. Natch.)


Oscar Wilde seems to be a popular fixture here, being, apparently, the "Founder, Secretary, and Chief Editor of the Uncyclopedia and Master of the Hallowed Book." They (people who love to lurk in Uncyclopedia and wreak general havoc on the world of Real and Credible Facts) like to fashion all sorts of quotes that he "allegedly" wrote/said/burbled from the rim of a beer bottle, that range from the mildly eccentric but acceptable, to the stupendously ridiculously LEWD...but acceptable. Yeah.



Gossip Blogs


LJ community: ohnotheydidn't


And this isn't a gossip blog, but more a gay-centric blog that has massive circulation (and where I found Brokeback Mountain, and where I shared in the grief with more than a thousand others of the movie's fans after the Oscars Crash Night).




Besides, I think the proprietor of the weblog is developing the hots for Jake Gyllenhaal. I so dig Jake Gyllenhaal, so we're, like, practically six-degrees-or-whatev already! :p


I will try to add more gossip blogs, as I feel it's only fair that now I've started reccing gossip blogs, I should rec enough to make an 'impartial' collection from the best and juiciest online.


Arr, Me Pretties! (Web and Compy Jewels)

Places where I get my web and lappie accessories. Ranging from must-have, to productive, to plain-good-for-nothing-but-still-v. cute!


The Hot Stuff



Stardock.com's most popular visual app that can turn your boring, mundane Windows Vista/Windows XP into an ultra-cool, highly-personalized OS. WindowBlinds themes has got some of the sleekest, smoothest visual styles and themes that are so comfortable to the eyes.


Mozilla Firefox

Why, oh why are you still using IE? I tell you, cast off your needless frustrations and embrace the light! Embrace the freedom that is Firefox!


No, seriously. I'd choose Firefox over IE any day. The unique tab browsing of Firefox makes my Web experience TONS more comfortable. Just typing a single letter into the url box, which corresponds to the name of a website you visited within the last few weeks, conjures the rest of the web address. The search bar in your History frame is super-fast and effective, and 'Go' pulldown menu actually remembers pages you last visited, even after closing the browser or even turning off your computer. The built-in search box not only can search through Google.com (although it is the default search engine), you can switch to Dictionary.com and other search engines for alternative and/or more specific results. There are just so many features that are uber-superior to IE (note that I am not comparing it to Opera, Safari and other web-browsers bec. I have not used them, and find no reason to try them bec. Firefox gives me no reason NOT to be faithful to it).


So what are you waiting for? Go get it NOW!!!


Web Design from Scratch

A good primer to start off the novice web designer. It's got a hot guide to the current page styles: Current Style which is quite ambitious, and makes you want to bite your lower lip in green envy. So get your ass off the lame-o junk and zip to the trend freeways of the internet.



For all your Font-Shopping needs. Remember, the best bargains are free.



This massive site houses some of the most fantastic images in the Web. Top-class professionals to amateur artists to average wannabes put up their works here--from pencil scratchings to watercolor wonders to visual panoplies that are orgasmic and awe-inspiring. This site is where I often get the best wallpapers for my compie too.


Webbie Aids


What is Copyright?

The Copyright is your Best Friend.



Got a lame website, just like mine? Are you desperate to get peeps to flock to your corner of the Web? Go here, sign in, and feed the flames.



Le "Free Guestbook" by Steve Burn, Ur I.T. Mate Group.


E.T.A. I am so in love with my new guestbook. Thanks to clif_notes for reccing the link. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!


Compie Comforts and Cutenesses


Create the cutest pixel city or kingdom in this petite, very accessible1 site. I actually think it's therapeutic, esp. once you get the hang of it. Just let loose that hidden wacky architect in you!


1 just needs basic java support


Cute Overload ;)

This site is all about CUTENESS. It's in blog-format, featuring only the cutest things ever in the Web. When you want to brighten up your day, go here and ogle the so-cute-they're-freaky animals. Hohoho!


Fruits Chew

Teh cutest printable stationaries ever to be published in the Web. Usually, I hunt for these in school supply outlets selling Korean stationary. But, well! These are just as cute, and look so delicious you could just lick the print-outs.


Siufu's Cute Kitten Wallpapers

I love cats. Isn't that obvious?


For really smooth, really hi-res pictures, albeit with some (aesthetically pleasing) Chinese text. It's quite alright, really, and some of the kittens you actually wan't to tickle and nuzzle and cuddle from your screen. (Yek! I'm going all rainbows-and-ponies here. Gosh, but I need a tougher hobby. Meh.)

(for more cute kitty love, see [ShoeboxLove#=^meow^=|=^me.ow^=])


Oh, the Humanities!

Where I feed my guilty writing and reading pleasures...



This is where I put up my poetry. It's actually a pretty nifty concept, ideally. But beware the hazards of putting a lot of prissy writer-wannabes together, and what you have is more a bunch of baloney than a progressive community. Still, it thrives, just like any ordinary city. Full of filth, but there are the gems that rise out from the muck. And there are those just pretty much born rich.


(Please don't be misguided by my bitter, jaded rec. If you're a poet, or if you wanna be a poet, come try it. Pretty nice and simple place, easy to get into the groove.)


Pretty nifty online docu editor. It's one ultimate saving grace: saving your docu while you're typing it. Yep, just like MS Word. But even better, because it's straight to the web-friendly html, where it matters.



For all you frustrated fans out there, readers and writers both. Have you ever had this sudden urge to make Draco Malfoy jump off a cliff? Or let the Ewoks have a go at Darth Vader with tiny light-saber toothpicks? Or even egads! having Severus Snape stumble into an alternate dimension filled with Smurfs and Care Bears and heaven-help-us Teletubbies! Well then, this is the place where all your daydreams can come true. Funny thing, you just might discover that a lot of other people share your dreams. Yeah, even the weird ones. Definitely the weird ones, even. O.o



One of the best blog-holes(1) in the world wide web.


This is where I hang out to blather some more. Moreover, I get to blather with other people too. I find that Livejournal can be one of the best things in life in the Web. Finding people and even communities who like what you like, share in your OTPs and all the drama entailed, is as easy as sneezing. (e.i. Just like an involuntary reflex, like say, gushing over Johnny Depp. XD!)Quite an adventure really, and potentially addictive. I know people who simple cannot live without LJ.


(1)Blog-hole- n. A spot in the internet that sucks bloggers' souls in and never lets them go. Kind of like a black hole, but honestly, any blogger will tell you that it's more of a blog heaven.




bored people have come and gone through this page,

slipping away like light through the jalousies...


Have a confession? Did you like this site? Or do you hate it, and hate the guts of whoever came up with it?

So. Come and nag to your heart's content. Or, you could drop by my new guestbook c/o the beautiful people of Ur I.T. Mate Group.

People who give feedback are good, conscientious people.


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