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Home to Abernaith's Obsessions!






From Cute Overload ;). By Lanie S. at Ratemykitten.com


This is me, if I were a cat.



From Stuff On My Cat. "The only time of day Milo looks forward to...", photo by Mario.


This is stoned!me, if I were a cat. (Seriously though, I do not drink...most of the time.)



From Stuff On My Cat. "Bionic Cat Sammy reflects upon her life before the operation", photo by Mario.


This actually reminds me of a more sinister, yet far-less-serious-than-the-FBI-busting-in-on-me-hypothetically-speaking, Bonsai Kitten. Read on to find out...



Bonsai Kitten

It may probably be one of the worst possible pranks in human history (esp. to the significant number of humankind that adore and love cats). I really should have known better, right from the very beginning, but it took me a good half hour to scrape off my jaw from the floor the first time I saw this site years ago. In one of the most idiotically unproductive 30 minutes of my life, I had balked at the Bonsai Kitten instruction manual, gawked at the 'Customer Reviews', and finally, nay mercifully, sighed in relief when my "horror and disbelief" was banished by the images of the "experiments" into the 're-creation' of a bonsai kitten. It was clear by the utter ridiculousness of the images that the whole thing was a hoax. But for a minute, right before the discovery of damning evidence, I now shamefully confess that it was a very, very close call: that my disbelief could easily have turned to the scarier, more horrendous path of rationalization. I mean, Come On! Rationalizing cruelty to animals!?? I don't think you can do that without numbing your soul. And I don't think that you can do that to cats, especially the cute ones, benumbed soul or not. It's scary though that I had thought of it at all...


Anyway, "Bonsai Kitten" has scandalized not only me, but the whole world in its heyday. Or, at least, this article seems to think so:

"The World's Most Hated Website?" by David Emery at About.com


And believe it or not, its notoriety in the Web that raised great controversy over the question "Is it REAL??", has even caught the attention of the FBI:

"FBI Goes After Bonsaikitten.com" by Declan McCullagh at Wired News


pixel city love

Made this using 's awesome resources!♥

Castle Cornucopia


Summer Waterhole




Huh? What is OTP?

OTP, as used here, stands for "One True Pairing". It's fandom-speak, generally meaning 'the two (or more, if that's possible*) characters you love to pair together above everyone else in this book, or that movie, or even in the entire fictional multiverse'.


For more info, read this wikipedia article.


*As a crude example, consider the Ranma/Ryoga pairing, from the popular 90's anime series "Ranma 1/2". There'd be Ryoga(boy)+Ranma(boy)+Ranma(girl), which gives you a total of 2 1/2.


Slash OTPs


My "slasher" mentality, leads me to wear "slash-colored spectacles" when looking at the world, (more often through the tube or through written material, rather than real and live--I still have inhibitions...) bec. of my peculiar green mind. (Am not an alien, just admittedly repressed individual.) Many of the female (and straight!) race share in this (openly) secret vice, and I'm marching along with the army, with nary a bleep to what anyone else thinks. (Meh!)


For more information about slash, please see "What is Slash Fiction?" over at the SiteInfo page.



  • Harry Potter - Remus J. Lupin/Severus P. Snape
  • Good Omens - Anthony J. Crowley/Aziraphale
  • Discworld Series - Commander Samuel Vimes (of the City Watch)/Lord Havelock Vetinari (the Patrician)
  • His Dark Materials - Baruch/Balthamos (their paring is totally canon, but oh so precious...)
  • The Persian Boy - Alexander/Bagoas (ish so totally canon, and for Pete's it's recorded in real history, but Mary Renault fanned the flames into a friggin sky-high funeral pyre when she wrote the most excellent fictional Bagoas EVAH!


TV and Movie

  • The Lord of the Rings - Aragorn/Legolas Greenleaf
  • Once Upon a Time in Mexico - El Mariachi/Sands (aka ex-CIA agent Sheldon Jeffrey Sands)
  • Angel the Series - Wesley Wyndham-Pryce/Spike (aka William the Bloody, aka William Pratt)
  • Smallville - Superman (aka Clark Kent)/Lex Luthor


I-Dunno-Whatta-Call-This Category

  • Batman/Superman - because it's canon. CANON, I SAY!!! *shakes fists in air*
  • Superman/Lex Luthor and/or/whatev Clark Kent/Lex Luthor - don't friggin mess with the Natural Order of Things. And giddammit, this IS natural!!!



  • Samurai Deeper Kyo - Benitora (aka Red Tiger, aka Tokugawa Hidetada)/Akira
  • One Piece - Zorro/Sanji
  • Death Note - L/Raito
  • Weiss Kreuz - Youji/Schuldig


The Very Rare Het OTPs



  • Crossover: NGE x GW - Ayanami Rei/Heero Yuy (my first OTP pairing ever, so of course it will always have a special place in my heart)




Celebrities and Personalities I Adore and Worship


Real People


Johnny Depp

Yeah, I love Johnny Depp. A lot! (cheeky grin)


Depp Impact

This is a great site for Johnny Depp fans. Everything from news, filmography and even forums for fanfiction are available here. The content is very neat, and quite thorough, so it pays to have a visit now and then if you want to find out more about this eccentric, uber-hot, sex god of an actor.


Uncyclopedia: Johnny Depp

“Johnny Depp has an amazing abilty to be mistaken for the opposite gender. Kind of like Kobe Bryant.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Johnny Depp

He is the only human known to emit the "Depp Particle." He has 70 virgins in his Saudi Arabian harem. He possesses the ability to eat things with his eyes. One of these things is true. All of them crack me up. Man, I love Uncyclopedia.


Orlando Bloom


Jake Gyllenhaal


The #1 Fansite For Everything Jake Gyllenhaal


This site is about the Best Fansite Ever. Its forum has got a smashing community, with updates on news, videos and gossip UP-TO-THESMOKINGHOT-DATE. Bloody brilliant teamwork there.



Catherine Zeta-Jones


Fictional Characters


Wesley Wyndham-Pryce

Severus Snape

Lord Havelock Vetinari

Heero Yuy



Baubles and Trinkets and Favourite Things



The God Bucket



The Flying Spaghetti Monster

I remember learning about this from copperbadge's lj. It was around June 2005, I think, and was already gaining popularity, mostly via blog. I found it loads of fun and followed up on its news throughout the rest of year and beyond, and until now, I can't quite believe just how much it has grown, to catch the attention of CNN's Wired, and various popular scientific journals even. It feels as if, only yesterday, it was a mushroom of an idea, with a stubby but rather funny shape, newly sprouted after a fresh spring rain. Perhaps there really IS something to the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Who knows, really, if our reality is only constantly being "tweaked" by some form of "noodly appendage"? Well, maybe there is, maybe there isn't. But, most certainly, I was "Touched". Or at least, my snarky bone1 was. Ramen!


(1) Snarky Bone. A combination of a "funny bone", which is quite common amongst regular jokers, and a "witty nerve tendon", which attaches itself to the "funny bone" and antes up the "intelligence factor" in order to appreciate "better, smarter humor".


Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Created by Bobby Henderson (pasta be upon him), as a humorous pun of a letter sent to the Kansas Board of Education. Eventually, it grew popular out of proportion, and now we have Pastafarianism and Pirates Against Global Warming. All to the good, in my opinion.


Other FSM "Fan" Sites


Wikipedia: Flying Spaghetti Monster

Okay, so this can't possibly be a "fansite". But you oughta be one proud Pastafarian to see that FSM has been included in the one internet encyclopedia that matters, (in my opinion, that is).


Uncylopedia: FSM

Way better than the Wikipedia version, mainly because it's got a formula for the creation of the universe that proves the existence of His Noodly Appendage. That, and more thorough info in the various "sects" that have sprouted up in the wake of the FSM craziness.


Church of the FSM in LEGO

You gotta love Chris Doyle for making this, please. This is like, the next step to making the FSM Church "REAL". First an idea, then a website, then a lego model...pretty soon (I hope) we'll have a bonafide stone-and-mortar fixer-upper all to our pasta-worshipping selves. With a bar and a stripper pole behind the lectern, but of course.


P.S. Bobby Henderson's dream is actually to build a Pirate Ship. (Or maybe just buy a boat and convert it into one.) That would be like, the Mobile Church of FSM, "Spreading piracy for the best cause in the world." (Hohoho.)


A Random Space Filler

    Something to Read: What FSM Made Me Think About, Seriously
    I am comfortable with being a Catholic. I probably owe this to being educated mostly in Catholic schools, and that one semester of theology that was fortunately enlightening more than discouraging. I do believe in God. And I have no problem in adapting the methods of science--of logic, common sense, and the derivation of facts from observable data--to my daily life. I feel that there is no danger to my internal equilibrium (and I think most people feel this too) when mixing science and religion to fit my personal needs. I think that it's actually healthy; where science nourishes the mind, and religion nourishes the soul--it only makes sense that the two together makes for one healthy human being.
    What I can't comprehend is the recent heat between science and religion. Or, more specifically, between science purists and religious fanatics. (At least, in my perspective.) People in the U.S. (co'z I'm not from there) have been fiercely debating over the proposal for integrating "Intelligent Design" into the science classes of the public school curriculum. Most of the news I've read about this are notable for reporting on the "evolutionary theory bashing" by the religious sector, and how some in the scientific community decry the _gall_ of having theories that are not so much observable fact as inexplicable faith "forced-fed" into the science syllabi.
    Right. It's like you can trust one without the other.
    In my head, faith and science sit together side by side. We don't know all the facts, and even when we know them, we can't explain them all right away. So we have to have faith that the explanation can be found and the mystery revealed. Without faith, who knows what age of technology we'd have been stuck in by now? We might as well have lost our trust in our forefathers, and the world in general, for leaving us with a dirty, polluted, overpopulated and unfair world. Without science, how can we know that our faith would have grown? Most probably, we'd still be stuck worshipping the sun and/or getting ourselves stymied in superstitions with our brains bogged down by blind faith and sheer ignorance. I think, overall, it's faith that encourages us to push science further, and likewise, science pushes our self-realizations of our personal convictions to the edge of the known and even beyond. Science taught us to ask the questions, and faith taught us to trust that there is an answer forthcoming.



Strong Bad and Co.

More than most cartoons I've seen in the 'Net over the years, Strong Bad stays strong in my list of Top Toons. I follow up on him and his pals ocassionally still. He's got the snarkiest humor, v. entertaining. And I love how he corrects the hapless fool's e-mail grammar. You just gotta love a cartoon who respects the English grammar rules. *cheesy grin*


A perennial favourite is the Strong Bad Email. Most memorable entries that you've just gotta watch are Dragon and English Paper. You also shouldn't miss out on the hilarious spin-off of the SB email "Dragon", starring "Trogdor the Burninator" in Peasant's Quest Preview (which is the "movie" trailer), and Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer (which is the "movie" itself, disguised rather cleverly as a trailer). I believe Trogdor also has a nifty game, where you get to play the dragon and burn peasants and their hovels. And surprisingly, his latest SB email, Technology, has got the old kick in it. Terribly amoosing. Terribly.









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